Stylords Global mark is a symbol of security and confidence that demonstrates your commitment to international footwear safety and environmental standards. Stylords Global offers high-quality shoes with a range of benefits that can significantly improve the quality of life and performance of their wearer. We increase wear convenience, boost foot security and retain an elegant look through its perfect fit and layout, which can be mastered by knowing the right dress code.

A Breakdown of quality men's footwear criteria

Quality Shoes construction

Goodyear Welting

Goodyear welting is one of the three construction methods of shoe construction. It is the oldest, most labor-intensive, and most durable method, It can be done by a machine or by hand, with multiple steps involved. 

Preparing the insole for stitching is the first part of the process. This is accomplished by creating a "rib" that runs across the insole. Many shoemakers produce the rib by slicing and sculpting the insole, while others use additional material such as linen tape to do so.

The second step is to finish the boot. This is achieved by running the outsole over the last one and adding it to the last one, along with the insole.

Step three is real welting. Shoe-specific threads are sewn through the globe, bottom, and insole rib at this stage. The universe is connected to the outsole by means of a separate thread. A lockstitch is used for both of these stitching points–ensuring that if it breaks down at any particular point in the boot, the chain will not unravel.

Blake Stitching

Blake is the easiest and most popular of the two primary methods of welting. It is also a by-product of the industrial revolution, as the stitching is done inside the shoe, making it impossible to do it by hand. The top is wrapped around the insole for a black world and tied between it and the outsole. A common thread binds all together. Blake stitching is superior in the hunt for a close-cut sole as well. Since there are no stitches on the outside, the outsole body can be cut very close to the top and that will make the quality shoes better


The easiest, cheapest and worst kind of shoe construction. The top part of the shoe is glued to the bottom with a strong adhesive. It means there is no stitching and a discarded shoe is the result.  And with this form, this is the biggest problem. They will eventually fall apart and there is no choice but to throw them back or add a new outsole layer to extend their lives a bit. Very light in nature, but also much lower in quality as they are manufactured in bulk. Simply look at the outsole is the best way to identify these boots. If no stitching is visible, it means that the shoes are cemented



We aim to provide top quality shoes through professional, customer-centered teams who are looking for innovations in shoes If you’re looking for a top-quality footwear, we are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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